Weekly Festivus?

“A festivus for the rest of us!”Seinfeld

Who remembers the Seinfeld episode with Festivus?  Jerry and friends Aired Their Grievances and engaged in Feats of Strength, which on certain days sounds rather appealing. And let’s not forget the Festivus Miracles!

From time to time, one or the other of us around here might bring up Festivus, but it’s not a common occurrence.  However, today, a Facebook friend posted something that I found inspirational and I thanked her for helping me turn around “Cranky Tuesday.”  If you know me, you’ll know I’m typically pretty smiley and sunny, BUT today events had conspired me to feel a bit jaded and cynical.  However, not one to let events dictate my mood for too terribly long, I latched on to her happy little quote, which I shall reproduce for you here:

“Embrace the WOW. When someone does something interesting, appreciate it for what it is. Stop judging or discounting their achievements. The world is full of people doing fun and incredible things. Keep your eyes wide and your mind open.”  –Chris Guillebeau

I know. TWO quotes in one post. I’m feeling generous!  Anyhow, when I thanked her, she suggested I embrace Cranky Tuesday and air my weekly grievances.  Hmmm.  I thought about it, and decided that I just might do that, but that if I do air a grievance, I’m duty bound to come up with a solution.  Otherwise I’m nothing more than a whiner.

And what do whiners get? NOTHING!!  (This is a family motto, which you are welcome to steal for your own children.)

For now, I’ll keep my grievances to myself, but invite you to check back just in case someone dumps a glass bottle in the trash in front of me or something heinous like that.  For the record, there have been NO Solo cups or other party paraphernalia in the parking lot so far this week.

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