Nerd Club: Why I love to read

I’m cramming visual and quote together again – from my very favorite author.  In case you don’t know too much about Stephen King, he really does write books that aren’t gory or scary. Sometimes. Other times he does write things that are gory or scary, and that’s okay too. I like it all!

I think his quote is completely true, too. How else can you transport yourself into someone else’s life or world so easily? The nice thing is, you can set your book down, go take care of some pressing business, and then hop right back in. I do that a lot. Sometimes I’ll set a timer and just give myself some time to read. So there! One minute, I’m folding laundry, the next minute I’m back engrossed in whatever is going on in my book.  What, you’re hungry? Hold on a sec. One more page…

Right now, in fact, I’m such a nerd that I’m re-reading the whole Dark Tower series. If you  haven’t read this, I highly recommend it. Definitely my favorites (King or otherwise) – though if you want a stand-alone book, my favorite is The Stand.  No pun intended. But I digress.

So, I’ve been in a book club for years now – which Better Half calls “Nerd Club”.  The other moms in my club are definitely not nerds though – unless by “nerd” you mean “fabulously smart and cool”.  You know who you are!

I am pretty sure he secretly wishes he had a Nerd Club too.  It’s fun to read, of course. But it’s also fun to talk about what you’ve read.  We’re not the super-serious-read-the-discussion-questions type of club. It’s only somewhat about what we’re reading, and more about hanging out together and catching up. A lot of times we’re an hour into it and someone says, “So, who read the book?”  We are supposed to get together every month, and occasionally get a decent stretch going –  but sometimes I don’t get to the books for a while. I keep the list of what I was supposed to read, though because I figure eventually I may get to them.

The whole e-reader thing, I’m ambivalent about. I like certain books on my Kindle, but then I really like having a “real” book too. If it’s a book for work, I like to write notes or underline or whatever, and you can do that with a Kindle, true,  but somehow it’s not the same.  I know, it’s more ecologically friendly to use my Kindle.  Also, I make liberal use of the library, but sometimes I have to wait too long for the book. Then it’s thanks, Amazon!

Sometimes when I’m feeling all put-upon or overwhelmed or whatever, those few minutes feel like a lifesaver. Sort of a “reset” button. Either the book is distracting and interesting, or maybe it’s about someone who is going through a really tough time (= feel better by comparison) or maybe it’s funny, or thought-provoking. Even when I’m really busy I always find some time to read, and I think I’m happier because of it.

I got to see one of my very best friends recently for dinner, and after we were done we walked through a bookstore, both getting all excited about whatever book we’d read or heard was good. She’s in a book club too, so I get ideas from her for mine. It was a nice end to our visit and I came away with 5 or 6 more books to read. Gold mine!

I’m embracing my inner nerd.


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  1. I was in the process of reading your post, but I got distracted by the bananas. Seriously, though, I agree about the book thing. I do read books on my phone, but let’s face it – if there is a time when you don’t have power and your phone is dead, that is when you want a REAL book. Plus, ebooks just don’t smell the same.

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