Happy as We Wanna Be – Celebrating the Small Stuff

“The miracle is not to walk on water but to walk on the earth.” – Lin Chi

Yes, yes, I know. “Wanna” is not a word. You get the spirit though, right?  I was going to use the Abe Lincoln quote (“People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be”) which is, of course, an oldie but a goodie. Then I saw this one, in my list of quotes and ideas I like.  There it was.  Perfect  Awesome quote to use for today’s post.  (See what I did there, showing you I almost used the p-word? Transparency!)

It’s true. We see those people who have personal trainers, assistants, cleaning ladies, etc. (well, I don’t see them myself, but I’m sure they exist) and they’re all toned and fit and organized and breathtakingly lovely/ruggedly handsome and we think: HECK YEAH I COULD LOOK THAT GOOD TOO IF I HAD ALL THAT HELP.  And we probably would, too.  It’s a lot easier to get things done when you have a huge team assisting you. But maybe we don’t have all that help. We have what we have. And we look how we look, and we do what we can.

So let’s celebrate THAT.  I’ve divulged my list-making habit, and how it pleases me to check off the items, be they big or small. Who says that the small stuff doesn’t count?  My last post had a quote highlighting the importance of accumulating the small stuff, for big changes.

It all adds up, for better or worse. Let’s give ourselves credit for all the little things that went well, or we did right, or that made us laugh today. We have a tendency to focus on the letdowns, the screw-ups, the not-quite-good-enoughs. Why? I’m all about personal improvement (duh), but let’s have a balanced viewpoint. Or maybe even tipped toward optimistic; why not? Motivation is most of the battle, really. And when do you feel more motivated, when you are telling yourself you can do it, or you are listing all the reasons why you can’t?

I used to find it hard to hold a 30-second plank. Nope, really. I did. But practicing a few times and it got to 35 seconds, 45 seconds, etc.  When I remember to do a plank, now I do a minute. I’m being honest here…the workouts have slipped lately.  A minute is not a long time to hold a plank, mind you. But it’s twice as good as 30 seconds! And if I kept with it I could do much longer. Celebrating!

Tween Spirit and I were discussing gratitude recently. I’m sure I’ll post more about that in the future, but I insisted that if she wanted to complain about anything, that was fine, but she also had to tell me something that went well or that she was happy about or that she liked, made her laugh, whatever. Something good.  At first she grumbled about it a little, but it didn’t take long before she came up with several “good things” and our conversation had veered toward those topics.  Not that we should never discuss what’s going wrong – of course we have to do that if we have any hope of changing things. But it’s so easy, as I’ve said before, to slip into the trap of the negative.

It is a miracle to walk on this earth.

What has been going right today? What made you laugh?  Here’s one that made me laugh today:

3 responses

  1. Great advice! I’m going put “what’s gone right?” on a sticky above my desk so I remember to think about the positives 🙂

  2. Totally agree with this post, and congratulations on the 60 second plank! I am up to 3.5 “real” (not on the knees) pushups and I couldn’t do any a few months ago, so I’m right there with you. Other people may be able to do more, but I’m proud of my progress. Thanks for doing your part to turn people away from being complainers!

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