How to be Happy: Dealing with Change

 I’m going to stop apologizing for short posts. Shorty-short posts, in my estimation, are better than nonexistent posts, which is what happens if I wait until I “have time”.

Today’s topic: CHANGE.  Hey kids, do you like the change? (David Letterman, in case that sounded odd).   I’m not a fan, sometimes.  I think many of us struggle with change. For all that we want interest and excitement in our lives, we also want stability and comfort.

Also, there’s a difference between variety and change.  For example, I am weird and random, as noted before, and I like to do things like put four different toppings on my bagel. (Not all at once. I cut the two halves into four fourths and put some kind of yumminess on each part. Voila, variety! Mmm, cream cheese.  Mmm, butter.  Mmm, peanut butter. Mmm, butter and jelly!  Or different flavored cream cheese, or just…plain…jelly. Sometimes that’s how I roll.)

Other times, I just want things to be the same and comfortable and predictible. Mmm, Diet Coke in the morning. Please don’t lecture me about the evils of Diet Coke. I know them. Just making a point here. What, I’m out of Diet Coke? Someone’s going to have to fix this. See, stability. Comfort. Caffeine and chemicals.

Like many people who aren’t so sure about change sometimes, I’m also pretty nostalgic. I keep random boxes of crap, squirrelled away in the basement or the top shelf of a closet. Every so often, I look at pictures of The Offspring and think Oh so cute. Look at those chunker babies! The adorable toddling toddlers! The preschool macaroni and yarn masterpieces! And so on. I sometimes even wish they were little and adorable again, and stayed where I put them.

But then I think of the types of things they say and do now, and the people they are, and the people they will hopefully turn out to be, and I realize it’s best that things don’t stay the same.  Then we would never have the first ever Brother and Sister as Co-Presidents/Astronauts/Cancer-Curers!  Which is clearly their destiny. Or, well, whatever they want to do with their lives, so long as they are happy and make the world a better place.

A lot of times, when changes come, we – for lack of a better word – freak out.  Especially when we don’t expect the change, or don’t want the change. But as the old saying goes, the only constant is change.  I’m not making light of horrible disasters or devastating losses or anything like that. I’m also not suggesting that we all blithely and rapidly accept whatever comes our way.  I’m just saying, since we can’t do anything about the fact that things will change, what will ultimately make us happier and our lives more fulfilling: getting upset about the change and wishing it wouldn’t have happened, or getting busy figuring out what to do now that the game has shifted?

I don’t have this mastered, personally. But I’d rather build windmills (go renewable energy sources!) than build walls.

By the way, I’ve decided that the current nickname for The Boy will be The Curious One.  Not that Tween Spirit doesn’t think. She’s pretty darn deep herself. Hmm, this is going to take some consideration. For now, it’s Tween Spirit and The Curious One.

But that will, I’m sure, change.

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